Wooden windows – a wise choice!

4 września 2023
Autor: Monika Chomiuk

Why are wooden windows so popular?

Contrary to what you might think, many homeowners don’t spend extra money on wood windows just out of vanity. They decide to buy more expensive, high-quality wooden windows because they guarantee excellent quality.

Although all window materials have positives worth considering, wood has many absolutely unique advantages. 

The advantages of wooden windows

There are many reasons why choosing very good quality wooden windows is the best possible choice.

Here are a few of them:

They look welcoming and unique

Looks are one of the main reasons why many people choose wooden windows in the first place. For some of them, this is actually the only reason. After all, nothing can beat the elegance and warm look of wood. Natural materials have a unique, individualized beauty, which is why many window frames try to imitate the appearance of wood. But there’s no reason to settle for a cheaper imitation when you can afford a real piece of art.

Moreover, in the case of older or more traditionally designed houses, tenement houses and churches, there are no other aesthetically correct choices of material than wood. Only handcrafted wooden windows can replace historic casement windows 1:1. You can recreate the perfect pattern of a window frame, stained glass, or install fittings that match the character of the era. The same applies to many villas, residences, holiday homes; wood simply fits better into the overall atmosphere of the environment.

Wood is also a winner in terms of design because it can take on all types of paints and colors that the homeowner decides to use. No other material is as welcoming and accepting to paint as wood is. 

Provide better insulation

Wood is a poor conductor of heat, which makes it an excellent insulating material – unlike aluminum, which is an excellent conductor (which means heat gains or losses are easy, although this can be mitigated by installing thermal breaks). If we compare window production materials, wood as a raw material provides 400 times better insulation than steel and more than twice as much insulation as aluminum. Hence, it does not have to rely solely on sash engineering to achieve high results in terms of window energy efficiency.

Of course, heat transfer in windows also depends largely on the glazing. That is why the evolution of glazing technology is so important. The gap between the glass panes is filled with an inert gas such as argon, which is heavier than the surrounding air. This is the key to the high thermal efficiency of double and triple glazed windows.

Hence, in the long run, wooden windows will help you save money compared to aluminum windows, as this added 'bonus’ of insulation will keep your home both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

In addition, wooden windows are also more effective – compared to other materials – at blocking sound. This is another factor to be considered, especially in case of buildings that are located in noisy areas such as train tracks, tram tracks or densely populated neighborhoods. Why is this happening? Wood is porous and contains small air bubbles inside it, which naturally protect against noise penetration, and when combined with double or triple glazing, it acts as a better sound absorber than any other material.

They are more durable

Time and history have proven that high-quality wood windows are long-lasting, tight, do not warp and – if properly maintained – have relatively low lifetime costs. With proper care, they can function for up to 100 years! In addition, wooden windows are not prone to rust, which is a decisive factor in many locations, especially those with high humidity levels. Due to their stiffness, wooden windows are perfect for large glazing, they can be given any shape, and thanks to the fact that it is a natural material, they can be freely painted, sanded and renovated, which is an undoubted advantage in the process of long-term use or the need to change the nature of the interior design.

Any disadvantages?

Maintenance – windows need paint!

Wood not only accepts paint, but even needs it. Wood was once part of a living organism and if left completely natural, it would eventually rot or simply start to look its age. Untreated wooden frames may swell or warp when exposed to moisture, making the window difficult (or impossible!) to open. Natural wood can also fade in color if it is exposed to direct sunlight for too many hours a day. This is especially important for houses near the sea, which require much more attention and care.

However, our wooden windows are subjected to a highly specialized process, thanks to which the wood retains its beauty and functionality for decades! 

Have a higher initial cost

This is true, but both the quality of the product itself and its proper maintenance will mean that wooden windows can serve you for decades, which will result in lower utility bills and no need to replace them in the future.

So what type of window should you choose?

The production of wooden windows produces fewer toxins and requires less energy. All this has a great impact on sustainable development. Wood is a flexible material that can be easily worked and formed, and can be finished in any color or texture. With consistent care, it will actually increase in durability with age, which is why wood is so widely used in construction projects.

It really all comes down to priorities. 

If your biggest concern is price and you’re on a really tight budget, it’s understandable that you need to choose a cheaper material.

However, if you care about longevity, beauty and resale value – wooden windows will be an absolutely perfect choice.


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