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Wood for Good

11 września 2023
Autor: Monika Chomiuk

5 reasons why wood is preferably good for architecture and interiors

Wood has been used in construction for centuries and it is still one of the most popular materials today. What is more, the trend of using natural materials in architecture and interior design is gaining importance again. That’s why we present 5 good reasons to choose wood.


By choosing the right type of wood for the climate and the function it is to perform (and here it is definitely worth asking for the opinion the specialists), there is a high probability that you will have a chance to see for yourself the durability of this natural material, which is used in many ways in construction and interior design.

Our extensive gallery of projects shows that regardless of whether it is a modern or stylized space, delicate and light or loft style, we can make wooden windows, wooden shutters, doors or stairs for you in the style you need, so that your interiors acquire a unique character.


Wood structures are scientifically proven to absorb and store CO2 from the atmosphere, and wood is carbon neutral (in fact, it is the only carbon neutral building material). Not to mention that wood can be reused. Furthermore, wood has outstanding insulating properties, thus incorporating it into your home will ensure space is cooled in the summer and heated nicely in the winter time.  


Wood can be used in various forms, as over 100 types of wood are used in architecture. There are different structures, colors, qualities and numerous ways of constructing shapes and varnishing wood.

In our production, we mostly use pine, meranti, oak, larch and sapele, but we will be happy to discuss your vision of the product.

The unique properties of wood – as a raw material – are also of great importance for the overall character of the building. There are projects that undeniably require wooden windows, shutters, wooden doors or wooden stairs. In the case of historic buildings, this choice turns out to be the only right one to preserve their original character. In addition, the old buildings are generally less regular in size and shape, which makes it difficult to select assembly-line elements for them. That’s why we are happy that we can provide our customers with personalized, high-quality premium products, made according to their individual needs. Wooden windows made according to a new pattern or reproduction of historic frames, which are a kind of piece of art – this is our specialty. Thanks to the craftsmanship of the details, you will receive a product that will complement the authentic and uniform aesthetics of the building and its interior.


Because wood is a natural material, being around it reduces stress and gives a feeling of peace and relaxation. The use of wood in interior design also regulates humidity, which has a positive impact on the well-being of people with upper respiratory problems.


Wood has excellent insulating properties, both in terms of acoustics and thermal insulation.

Wood is naturally a poor conductor of heat. Provides 400 times better insulation than steel and more than twice that of aluminum. Wooden windows (timber windows) and wooden doors (timber doors) are tight and do not warp. The same applies to sound insulation. Because wood is porous, it contains small air bubbles that contribute to natural noise protection. 


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