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Winter Garden

4 września 2023
Autor: Monika Chomiuk

An attractive addition to your home

What is the difference between a orangery and a winter garden conservatory? 

This question, contrary to appearances, is asked quite often. Generally, both structures rely on a beautiful glazed surface in the garden. However, an orangery can be an extension of the house or be a free-standing room, while a winter garden conservatory is always permanently attached to your house. It is its natural extension – an attractive „exit” into the garden – which, through the glass walls and roof, can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

While orangeries have been around for hundreds of years, it is only the advent of modern glazing techniques that has transformed what was previously just an addition to a stately home into what is now a stunning living space, combining a touch of luxury with a room that is meant to be enjoyed all year round. 

Both a custom-made orangery or winter garden conservatory will not only create additional space, but will also significantly increase the value of your home. Whether designed as an open plan, an extension of the kitchen or simply a room to relax and enjoy the garden views.

Our wooden winter gardens bring our customers closer to the outside world and flood their living room with wonderful natural light.

We invest in the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best wooden products in the field of construction joinery, and windows – which are a key element of every winter garden are our specialty.

When choosing their size, shape and type of glazing, you are only limited by your imagination.  We will carry out your bespoke order with a great pleasure.

Welcome to the GALLERY of winter garden conservatory: follow how others have done it or create your own individual design

Winter gardens change houses.

We are slowly entering the season of warm sweaters, blankets, hot chocolate and ginger tea. Most of us start spending evenings at home more often than in the summer. The winter garden becomes your favorite room in the house again. If you do not have such a space yet and are considering purchasing it, it is worth taking into account several issues in advance to thoroughly consider this investment and be well prepared for its design.

The great advantage of a wooden winter garden is how easily it can be adapted to your property. This means you can create an extension to your home that fits perfectly into the existing structure and the overall character of the building: from rustic, to modern, to classically decorated villas.

In the past, a common problem with winter gardens was that they were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This can still happen, but thanks to modern technology it is possible to stop wide temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

When preparing for the summer months, it is worth ensuring good ventilation and protection against excessive sunlight by installing external blinds or roller blinds. If this does not lower the temperature to a satisfactory level, you can also install air conditioning.

In the colder winter period, make sure that the roof is properly insulated or – if the entire structure is glass – ensure optimal insulation of the glazing. You can also add radiators or underfloor heating.

Create a vision board.

A vision table is the first step towards collecting ideas for your dream wooden living space. This is a great way to determine what you want your winter garden to look like and how you want to use this space.

In addition to the standard items regarding the interior design itself, such as furniture, flooring, interior design and its size, the most important thing is to determine how this space will be used: will it be a living room, an extension of the kitchen/dining room, or maybe a home office or gym? These issues will be key to various aspects of your winter garden conservatory design.

To look for inspiration, it is worth browsing through various interior design magazines or taking a look at projects on the Internet, e.g. those proposed on Pinterest.

Create a wish list. This is a selection of what you could include in your conservatory to help you enjoy the space exactly as you imagine it, which would be a nice addition, although not essential.

Create a list of needs – all the things you definitely need to include in your new wooden winter garden:

  • should it be a space with a maximum amount of daylight, or should it be rather limited?
  • considering the function that the room is to fulfill, plan which walls are to be partially built up;
  • which garden doors should be installed: folding or sliding, tilt-and-turn or just side-hinged?

If you are considering such a diversification of your living space, do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that your winter garden will soon become the favorite room in the house for all your family. Regardless of the time of day or season, you will love to be there!


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