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Wood fashion

4 września 2023
Autor: Monika Chomiuk

Why is wood so popular in contemporary interior designs?

Wood is like wine: it gets better with age, acquires unique color – without losing its natural beauty. Despite the changing world, the nature of interiors and architectural design, regardless of the style adopted, wood is still on top. Interior deigners are faithfull to using wood (timber) in their projects, combining it with various – modern – materials.

Świderski Centrum Stolarstwo is a family company with long lasting tradition, which has been supplying its premium products throughout Europe for almost 30 years.

Jakub Świderski, owner of Świderski Carpentry Centrum

Why choose wood for interior design?

Wood has been used for centuries to build houses and create the products contained in them – from facades, traditional wooden floors, construction joinery products (ie. windows, shutters, patios, winter gardens, doors, stairs) – to high-quality furniture and decorative elements of interiors. This is a classic and timeless choice of material. No material is as versatile and flexible as wood, making interior design with wood elements the perfect way to achieve any type of home decor – from rustic and historic to modern and contemporary. There is something magical about the organic warmth that wood brings to the interior.

In addition to the variety of applications, wood has unique, fascinating properties:

  • Wood is strong and durable.

This is the main advantage of this material, which makes it a favorite of many designers. In the long run, it saves time, effort and money that would otherwise be associated with frequent renovations, repairs or changes in interior design. Properly cared – wood can serve for many years, and thanks to the latest technological solutions, its maintenance is now easier than ever before. Moreover, in some interiors, the aging process of wood does not detract from it, but even adds aesthetic value.

  • Wood is an extremely „plastic” material.

It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be designed and used in various ways to give the space a unique charm. As a multi-purpose material with exceptional resilience, wood is the #1 choice for many contemporary designers. Used in the right way, it can transform a space into a true piece of art.

Wooden surfaces can easily be painted with bold colors to brighten up the interior, or sanded to regain the original, neutral shades later.

Thermally modified wood also has a rich tone in itself, making it an alternative to exotic wood.

  • • It is a natural, ecological material and is much less harmful than most other materials or decorative elements. Wood processing causes less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Each species of wood also has its own distinct style, unique appearance and properties regarding its hardness, strength, flexibility, resistance to insects, color and grain structure, hence products made of wood give buildings and interiors an original character.

In our production, we mostly use pine, mahogany (meranti), oak, larch and sapele, although we have also carried out orders from maple, ash or walnut.

  • Wooden doors (timber doors) and wooden windows (timber windows) has an excellent insulating properties.

Perhaps one of the most importnat benefit of installing wood is that it makes your house safe. Wood is and impressive thermal insulator as compared to metal, marble or other materials. Using it at your house you will provide pleasant cooling in the summer or retain heat in the winter. It will also help absorb excess noise, making your house a better environment for peaceful living and your mental wellbeing.

Incorporating biophilic design principles 

Interior designers and architects have long been passionate about working with wooden materials. As sustainability becomes more important, architects are trying to incorporate biophilic design principles into architecture and interior design. Adding plants and wooden accents is one of the easiest ways to introduce nature into your living space.

However, contemporary design favors the use of wood for other reasons as well. Ever-changing trends mean that employers are increasingly choosing wood in open office spaces, as research has shown that just as indoor plants can help relieve stress, the use of natural wood surfaces can also improve physiological health by introducing a sense of calm, thus improving comfort and quality of work performed.


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