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At Świderski Carpentry Centrum, we regularly invest in new production halls and equipment. This process of continuous improvement and investment has ensured that it is possible to increase efficiency and productivity, while implementing market-leading technology and innovations that go hand in hand with maintaining the company’s high position in terms of service quality. Our excellent reputation is the result of combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, using the highest quality wood.

The company was able to automate the simplest manual work thanks to computer-controlled machines, including:


SWT XL-6 Fenster 4-sided planer

A universal and compact planing device that significantly minimizes the grinding process. Computer control facilitates operation of the device and excludes human error. The manufacturer – Henrich KUPER GmbH – is a German leader in wood processing technology.


Unicontrol 10

The Unicontrol 10 machining center is high-class specialized equipment for the flexible production of various types of windows and doors – without changing tools. Axially and radially smoothly CNC controlled spindles.



Devices and installations for industrial dust removal.

Carefully selected, specialized machinery allows our craftsmen to direct their efforts to more skilled work, where hand finishing has a real impact on the quality and longevity of the product.


It’s the detail that makes the entire structure perfect. We know that our customers expect a premium product that will meet their expectations both in terms of appearance and impeccable workmanship. Producing doors, stairs, windows or furniture that meets high performance parameters and will look good for many years requires proper coordination of all components, which, with optimally selected production methods, ensure technically perfect functionality and aesthetics of our products.


Wood is a unique material. It can be given literally any character, thanks to which products made of it elegantly fit into any home, regardless of the style and era it comes from. We have been cooperating with monument conservators for years, implementing reconstruction projects of heritage windows and doors for historic buildings, but also with architects implementing designs of modern single-family buildings and apartment buildings. At the Świderski Carpentry Center, wood takes a central place. Structural, multi- layered wood prevents warping and twisting. We use only the best wood, which ensures excellent strength, stability and a knot-free finish. The design of our products, developed over many years of experience in the industry, ensures safety, better thermal efficiency, comfort and acoustics, as well as maintaining a good appearance for longer.
Depending on the product and design, we use solid glued wood, and for modern, smooth designs, we use moisture-resistant plywood with natural wood veneer.
Most often, we produce from pine, meranti, oak, larch and sapele.


We use GU or SIMONSWERK fittings for our windows. The use of modern technical solutions ensures easy movement of the window (frame) and quiet operation. Significantly reduced rotation torque when operating the handle ensures easy operation of even large and heavy window frames. Individual ventilation is possible: you can create a small gap or completely move the window to maximum opening and lower it anywhere. Lifting, sliding and tilting elements also enable additional ventilation in the tilted position. However, the tilted wings are secured against sliding. Each function of the GU lift- slide-tilt door is controlled by a handle – in the version with a cylindrical insert for double-sided operation or in the version with a pull-out handle – aluminum, stainless steel or polished brass for use in „barrier-free apartments”, special versions also available with an extended handle or remote control. Stable fittings and compact construction also result in a high level of anti-burglary protection


We use hinges from SIMONSWERK – a leader in the production of hinge systems, which combines technical knowledge with design and engineering skills. Their fittings components set a global standard and provide optimal solutions for special requirements:



The main brand of hinge systems in the residential and heavy duty area.



The completely hidden hinge system is particularly suitable for modern, flush room structures.



They complement the range with PVC and programmable entrance doors.

Varnishes and paints

We use anti-allergic materials. Depending on the design, it is possible to finish the products with varnish, stain, wax, oil, water-based (acrylic) or covering paints.

Insulating glass and glazing systems

We offer glass packages with a heat transfer coefficient (Ug) from 0.4 W/m2K to 3.0 W/m2K. 1-chamber or 2-chamber units (2 or 3 panes).
We offer a range of different glass specifications depending on your requirements: acoustic, thermal or aesthetic. You can choose decorative glass that adds character to the design, or traditional transparent glass.
Based on the functionality of the product, you can also pay attention to your safety and comfort when choosing.
Safety glass panes made of tempered glass are impact
resistant. They prevent broken glass from breaking into very sharp pieces. This technology provides a higher level of safety in the event of window breakage and provides additional strength to the glass itself.
Dirt-resistant glass, which automatically removes dirt when rinsed with rainwater, can also be a valuable addition to the window design.
No matter the size, shape or style of your custom window, energy efficiency should not be forgotten. Standard and optional Low-E glass provides lower temperatures in summer and warmer temperatures in winter, while protecting furniture from the sun’s strong rays (protection against harmful UV radiation).



Several decades of experience in the industry combined with modern technologies give us a sense of security that the customer receive a product that fully meets his expectations.

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